Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hometown Hospitality at Mama Nunz Italian Restaurant

For the most part, we travel from Clayton to the city {Indianapolis} for dining out, but there are a few of our old tyme favorites just outside our backdoor, one of which is Mama Nunz in Greencastle. Greencastle, Indiana known for Depauw University and when I was growing up Greencastle had the cutest guys in their wranglers and their Lacer boots and ratty John Deere baseball caps with their favorite fishing hook on the bill, utilitarian.

At Mama Nunz, you can purchase an incredible steak dinner special for $10, super cheap eats. Hubbie chose the steak dinner, Cubbie chose the garlic cheese burger and the reformed vegan mommie chose manicotti. Hubbie and Cubbie will lament over the delicious food, but I personally prefer the atmosphere. Mama Nunz is very much like the family owned businesses in Europe, most memorable to me were the “walkplatz” in Germany where Hubbie and I started our lifelong friendship. On the walkplatz, shopkeepers are right there, you talk with them, you get to know them. They take great pride in their work and it is a reflection of them, an artform. It’s not like going downtown, renting booth space to eat the same food the person at the next table is eating and feeling sick afterwards as you wolf down food in order to rush to an overcrowded event. Mama Nunz food is meant to be savored with family and friends and good conversation.

Nunzio Cancilla, the second generation owner, selects every item on his menu. He knows his customers. He is right there to talk to you, to ask you to try a sample of his thin crust pepperoni and sausage pizza, the best pizza in our area, if you ask me. See you at Mama Nunz!