Saturday, October 23, 2010

Waffle Cone with Pumpkin Ice Cream

Welcome to Chippy's! We are a small town mom and pop shop, the local teen hang-out, a great place for grandparents to take the grandkids, a supporter of our local schools, Boyscouts, 4H, public libraries and sporting programs to name a few. Also, a great place to treat the kids when you are babysitting.

A vacancy? Where is the clerk? This is where you can order up a tasty roast beef, turkey or chicken salad sandwich complete with all the fixings. Chose one of our 18 flavors of hard ice cream on a kid, regular, sugar cone or on one of our famous waffle cones. We also offer soft serve ice cream in vanilla, swirl or chocolate. Some of our specialty treats include Strawberry banana smoothies, Hot Fudgie brownie sundaes, banana splits, mix-ups with butterfinger, mini M&M's Reeces, Oreo. We make shakes, malts and fountain drinks. These are just some of the menu items available at Chippy's.

Hmmmm... fresh waffle cones. Try a fresh waffle cone with pumpkin ice cream, available in October and November only.

The Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box
Today’s blog is dedicated to my dear friend Diamond Dave, who owned a west side store for many years called "The Jewelry Box. "

This is a comparable picture of my very first little trinket box given to me by my mother. On the evening of my wedding, when a dear friend I graduated with was using my room to dress, she noticed the box on my dresser. She asked me, “This is original isn’t it?” Translated: “uhmm, why do you still have a Strawberry Shortcake jewelry box?” Shortly thereafter, I stashed it away, hoping to one day give it to my daughter, so far, only boys in the household. I might need to hold out for a granddaughter.

My sister gave me a white upright jewelry box with a unicorn painted on it. Possibly someone gave it to her, and she did not want it, as she was the unicorn lover among us.

This first jewelry box I purchased myself was for travel, a cute little pink leather number.

In looking to upgrade the organization of my collection, I found: instead of jewelry boxes. This is a good solution for your costume jewelry for work, school or play. All other jewelry should be kept in a fire proof safe, or bank until the eve of the night you planning to wear your precious.

Next was a musical ballerina jewelry box given to me by my father when we were in Jackson, Mississippi visiting my grandparents.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Travel list for 2011

While there are still a few places on my list I can check off this year, most of these trips will have to be A.C. (after Christmas).

  • Washington, DC
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Salem, Massachusetts
  • New York City
  • Wyoming- Yellowstone
  • Chicago- museums
  • Biltmore, North Carolina
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Bloomington, Indiana- We went to Oliver Winery over fall break and purchased the Creekbed Chardonnel 2009, very mild, and from the local vineyards. Followed up with a trip to Aver's pizza where we gorged ourselves on the Crimson and Cream pizza, made with an alfredo sauce, red potatoes and toppings comparable to potatoe skins. Of course, we went to 'Tis, the campus bookstore, bought Cubbie a graphing pencil with extra erasers and Indiana University t-shirts for the guys a bargain at 2 for $14.99.
  • Vincennes, Indiana
  • French Lick, Indiana
  • Arizona- Grand Canyon State Park
  • Maine

Most of these are within the United States, I have done enough international travel for a while. I will save those locations for a future posting.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall shopping list


Burberry trench 3/4 length

Golf umbrella- just say
no to skimpys umbrella please. I was spoiled when I lived in Florida and they sold the umbrellas with huge canopies. In Indiana, they call those golf umbrellas, after four hurricanes in Florida, it was just a wardrobe staple.
The gorgeous purple silk Ralph Lauren dress that Alice put on her blog that I have not justified buying as I do not have anywhere to wear it- yet. Where there is a will there is a way.

La Cruset tea kettle- as believe it or not, a tea kettle can be damaged beyond restoration if caught in the inferno of canning spaghetti sauce from your garden.

Planters- it's the wrong time of the year, but I was gone to Iraq for one year. All my exotic plants were skinny mini when I got home. When I fertilized and watered like a Disney world mom, their growth has surpassed their previous home.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Halloween Movies To Watch List

Celebrating the hallowed season with a few favorite favorite movies, lots of buttered and salted popcorn and hot chocolate. Starting with:

1. Johnny Depp in "Sleepy Hollow"
2. Johnny Depp in "Sweeney Todd." When I first watched this murderous musical, I thought it was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, the musical compositions are powerful, captivation yet not songs you want to be heard sing in the shower.
3. Psycho- ultimate classic
4. I Know What You Did Last Summer- on my to watch list
5. The Shining- I have not seen since I was a child
6. The Addam's Family- a little macabre to rest between screaming my head off
7. An American Werewolf in London- I will never be able to go out into the night again.
8. The Howling- on my to watch list, in a world filled with vampires, we need more werewolves
9. Bram Stoker's Dracula- Not scary, I found Gary Oldman romantic. Wynona Ryder is so gorgeous.
10. Frankenstein- on my to watch list
11. Poltergeist- need to revisit for the kid's sake
12. The Birds- classic, on my to watch list
13. Interview with a Vampire- watched it, but cannot remember it.
14. Hocus Pocus- a must watch before you go out trick or treating
15. The Witches- based in Roald Dahl's book and perfomed by Angelica Huston, parfait