Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box
Today’s blog is dedicated to my dear friend Diamond Dave, who owned a west side store for many years called "The Jewelry Box. "

This is a comparable picture of my very first little trinket box given to me by my mother. On the evening of my wedding, when a dear friend I graduated with was using my room to dress, she noticed the box on my dresser. She asked me, “This is original isn’t it?” Translated: “uhmm, why do you still have a Strawberry Shortcake jewelry box?” Shortly thereafter, I stashed it away, hoping to one day give it to my daughter, so far, only boys in the household. I might need to hold out for a granddaughter.

My sister gave me a white upright jewelry box with a unicorn painted on it. Possibly someone gave it to her, and she did not want it, as she was the unicorn lover among us.

This first jewelry box I purchased myself was for travel, a cute little pink leather number.

In looking to upgrade the organization of my collection, I found: instead of jewelry boxes. This is a good solution for your costume jewelry for work, school or play. All other jewelry should be kept in a fire proof safe, or bank until the eve of the night you planning to wear your precious.

Next was a musical ballerina jewelry box given to me by my father when we were in Jackson, Mississippi visiting my grandparents.

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