Saturday, October 23, 2010

Waffle Cone with Pumpkin Ice Cream

Welcome to Chippy's! We are a small town mom and pop shop, the local teen hang-out, a great place for grandparents to take the grandkids, a supporter of our local schools, Boyscouts, 4H, public libraries and sporting programs to name a few. Also, a great place to treat the kids when you are babysitting.

A vacancy? Where is the clerk? This is where you can order up a tasty roast beef, turkey or chicken salad sandwich complete with all the fixings. Chose one of our 18 flavors of hard ice cream on a kid, regular, sugar cone or on one of our famous waffle cones. We also offer soft serve ice cream in vanilla, swirl or chocolate. Some of our specialty treats include Strawberry banana smoothies, Hot Fudgie brownie sundaes, banana splits, mix-ups with butterfinger, mini M&M's Reeces, Oreo. We make shakes, malts and fountain drinks. These are just some of the menu items available at Chippy's.

Hmmmm... fresh waffle cones. Try a fresh waffle cone with pumpkin ice cream, available in October and November only.


Beth Dunn said...

That sounds SO yummy!

Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor said...

We have to eat our mistakes.