Thursday, April 8, 2010

Best preppy blogs

If you are a new blogger, or want to find the best blogs, here are my suggestions. Most of these are inspired by Beth Dunn or Alice Frost Richardson's, whose blogging savvy I someday hope to reach.
  1. *preppy little dress"
  2. Brunch at Saks
  3. Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor- mine, not beautiful yet
  4. Manor Lane
  5. Muffy Martini
  6. Prissy and Preppy Flamingo
  7. Social Climbers-this is Beth's, one of my two faves
  8. Summer is a verb- Alice Frost Richardson's
  9. Summer Wind
  10. Patti Trostle's- when I find it, she is the best artist. She painted my mother's portrait.
These cuties little key fobs are items we are discussing selling at Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor. Tell me what you think.


Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

Very cute...they are all great blogs! xx

Summer is a Verb said...

Oh Christina you are too kind. I just had a friend in Naples send this link to me hahaaa! XXOO

Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor said...

When we established a website for Chippy's, Beth had suggested we do a blog instead. We did both, the experience has been too much fun for me, a city mouse married to a country mouse.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

All great choices! There are lots of fun preppy bloggers!