Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Wedding of the Century

Daryl Odom, Prince Charming

Watching William and Kate's wedding makes me cry for many reasons.  One of which is I watched the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana when I was a child, and I miss Princess Diana.  As a fellow mother, I know she would have wanted to be in attendance and I am sure her son will never overcome the loss.  Alas Princess Diana can rest assure knowing her two young men have grown into fine young gentlemen with good character.  Added to the ensemble is the most beautiful Catherine Middleton, who is anything but middle, instead an elegant, effervescent young lady.  I could only hope my young gentleman will be as successful.
Daryl Odom and Christina Shepard, started dating.

Confessions:  Dating was my favorite part, and we've never stopped dating.

SSG Daryl Odom and Christina Shepard
We are so close in heritage, this could be a picture of cousins kissing. 


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