Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I have learned more about hubbie and I this week.

I had to go to the VA where I learned my blood sugar was a 55, 70 being low, meaning I may be hypoglycemic, which would explain some of my erratic behaviors and hummingbird eating habits of needing to eat all the time.  What other illness requires you to eat candy?  How cool is that?  This is possibly a result of the high stress of being a mommie of all trades.

Hubbie said, I need to eat his diet and he needs to eat mine, as I get to eat all the carbs I want.

Because hubbie is from the Germanic tribes with his coppery beard and is "SSG Daryl Odom," also known as "Odin" This weekend we are absolutement going to see Thor for my Mother's Day request.  Odin is the god of war and death, of wisdom and poetry, Thor was his son.  Maybe he’s is going to cast out our teenaged son {giggle}.  Our little Thor was obsessed with hammers when he was little too.


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