Monday, December 3, 2012

Health Care for Small Business Mama

As a small business owner, health care is a top concern.  I am unsure at what point the decision was made that small businesses were responsible to provide individuals health care.  As I am comparing costs, as a woman looking for basic health care services Planned Parenthood stands out above the rest.  Realize I am only comparing time and money, my time is valuable and I do not like waste.  While many people are exclusively focused on the abortion issue, Planned Parenthood has never once in all of my time using their service, even talked to me about abortion, but I am comforted to know they fight for the humane treatment of women is case anything horrible ever happened to me.  Planned Parenthood, and Sheltering Wings, the domestic violence center in Hendricks County, Indiana are two non-profit organizations, I personally have a deep appreciation for, as a woman.

*American Health Network had no Gynecologist services, but suggested IU Health West.  When I called I was second in line on a phone tree.  Below are the comparisions of initial inquiries:

Phone Service New Patient fee Annual Exam  Pap/Lab Fees
Dr. Haak, Hendricks Regional Immed. Answer $155 $131 They do not know
Avon Obgyn, Dr. Johnston Immed. Answer   $181 They do not know
Westside Physicians for Women Phone Tree $100-250 $150 $50 for pap, lab fees unk.
Southside Obgyn Immed. Answer $112 for 20 min. $90 They do not know
Westside Gynecologist Immed. Answer $170-200 $170-200 They do not know
Planned Parenthood Phone Tree None $112 Covered in the pap


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