Sunday, December 12, 2010

Family Top Ten for 2010

1. Our soldiers, myself included, returned home safely from a year long deployment to Iraq.

Fort Rucker, Alabama

2. Cubbie started high school at Cascade and is doing well. He loves his school, especially Introduction to Engineering.

3. Hubbie did what hubbies do best, farmed and built huge projects.

Our yard
4. Chippy’s Ice Cream Parlor survived another year.  We added sandwiches, to go drinks, and energy efficient windows. We now have 152 “likes” on our Facebook fanpage, with a pledge to donate $100 to Sheltering Wings when it gets to 500 “likes.”

5. We went on a one week family vacation to Pennsylvania and visited: Hershey, Philadelphia, Gettysburg, Lancaster, and so forth. While Gettysburg was highlight of the trip, I could live off of Hershey chocolate. The town of Hershey is all brick, clean and beautiful. Pat’s King of Steak, the Liberty Bell and plodding through torrential rain in Philly were unforgettable events. As was the fact, you can travel faster on a bicycle than with a vehicle due to the congested traffic. Lancaster was much like Shipshewana, Indiana, but less familiar and perhaps why I spent less time there. However, on the way home, we spent a lot of time at Cabella’s, the one store I can shop at where Cubbie and hubbie actually like the outdoorsmen style clothing.

6. We also got to go on an unexpected one week family trip to Mobile, Alabama, original home of the blues, and explored the entire area. We were able to visit Bellingrath Gardens and home tour, the zoo, the art museum, the naval vessels, fresh squeezed lemonade, the downtown, the trolley system which takes you on a tour of the entire historic area, and the seafood restaurants.

7. My dad was able to visit us for Thanksgiving dinner.

Cub and Grandpa Shepard

8. Cubbie started guitar and Boy Scouts, just like his grandfather.
Grandpa Shepard in the Boy Scouts, circa 1960.

9. We got 25 assorted heavy brown egg layer chickens from McMurray Hatchery, which have been the joy of my day. I call them “my girls.” Hubbie says he thinks one is a rooster, but is possibly gay as it is such a good looking and affectionate bird.

The girls

10. Having Christmas and New Year’s at home this year, as cheesy as it sounds to some will be a luxury for us.

Favorite New Year's in Gatlinburg with my mom.

Warmest Wishes this Holiday Season


Beth Dunn said...

Lovely top 10!

Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor said...

Nothing compared to your's and Alice! But I am improving. I think this is my best so far.