Friday, December 10, 2010

Reuniting with dearest friends

During this season, hubbie and I attend together, or separately: both office parties, both military parties, dinner with his army buddies and possibly this year dinner with a few of my army buds, do the rounds visiting family member, churches and schools. Also, we attend a few events at organization in non-profit organizations which we are involved that benefit us emotionally as much as they think we benefit them. While I do have to dress professionally at most of these events, I can pull off a little teacher appropriate Christmas bling.

The Angela Moore bracelet I want for Christmas is actually the mansion gardens:

Hoping my Santa can find this one for me.


Bumby Scott said...

I do like the bracelet, I hope that you get it :)

Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor said...

Thank you Bumby. Two more weeks of suffering on the "good list."