Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cubbie gets Grillz

Cubbie get Grillz.

The Cubmeister got braces this week.  He did not believe me when I told him it would hurt, and still refuses to even take Advil.  On day one, I was able to persuade him to take one Advil so he could eat some spaghetti noodles.

Tomorrow we are going to the movies, and I wonder what he is going to snack on since popcorn will no longer be an option... for him.


Patti Trostle Fine Art said...

Poor kid..I know how it feels to have braces, but he will be happy he had them someday! Snacks were a big problem. :(

Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor said...

He broke two brackets in less than on week on a hamburger at school. The braces these days are so tiny and delicate.