Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Raising a gentleman

Personally, I have not completed this task, as my young gentleman just entered high school. As a mother, this time of his life is when I am most dependent on the male influences in his life, rather a finishing school for men. How to raise a young man into a considerate young gentleman with good moral fiber?

Jacob performs the duty of Ring Bearer.
•Being a good role model is paramount. {Always work on your own development as a parent.}
•Mentorship: I truly appreciate my husband who is quite literally a hero. Also, I appreciate the Boy Scouts for their contribution, as my young gentleman is surrounded by other aspiring young gentleman.
•Don’t just learn to be independent, learn to be dependable.
•Practice goal setting and carry your goals with you.

•Getting the most out of your education. Invest in yourself or no one will invest in you.
Postcard from mom.

•Travel at every opportunity.
•Learn to play an instrument.
•Learn a foreign language.

•Take good care of your shoes. This means buying good quality shoes and knowing how to polish, or wash your shoes.
•Learn how to build a wardrobe. Knowing where to shop is helpful, considering elements of quality will save you a fortune.
•Keeping care of your clothing is very important. Learn how to iron a shirt, a lost art.
•Having an item, like a watch, handed down from your grandfather is always a nice touch, but not mandatory.
•When the weather is bad, a gentleman will be the one wearing the appropriate hat and using an umbrella.

•Every young gentleman should know how to ride a horse, how to hunt, and hold his own at archery.
•Display sportsmanship during competition.
•Every young man should play golf, but get lessons!
•Do not smoke. It once was considered gentlemanly, but not anymore. We need you alive!

•Etiquette is not just for ladies, and without etiquette, a man is just a barbarian. Get a good used copy of Emily Post, or follow the golden rule: “Do unto others, as you would have done to you.”

•Honor your family name.
•Honor your wife or future wife, by not doing anything now that will hurt her later.
•Practice honesty and fairness.
•Attend the theatre.
•Support your favorite cause or charity.


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