Thursday, January 6, 2011

January Menu

This is my menu plan for home, not the shop.

Week of Jan. 3
Monday- Leftovers- choice of Chili and baguette, or Corned Beef and cabbage
Tuesday- Meatloaf mash potatoes, and peas
Wednesday- Italian wedding soup and focaccio
Thursday- Beef Stroganoff (use jasmine rice) and a green substance
Friday- Special dinner
Saturday- Stuffed chicken breast and corn
Sunday- Beef stew and biscuits
*DESSERT: Cheesecake

Week of Jan. 10
Monday- Pot Roast
Tuesday- Special dinner
Wednesday- Spaghetti
Thursday- Chicken Tetrazzini
Friday-Tilapia, good bread and a veg
Saturday- Special dinner
Sunday- Special dinner
*DESSERT- Brownies

Week of Jan. 17
Monday- chicken pot pie
Tuesday- Homemade pizza
Wednesday- Sloppy Joes and mac and cheese
Thursday- Pork chops, apple sauce and fried potatoes
Friday- Shrimp with angel hair and asparagus
Sunday- Cornish hens in bacon and ??
*DESSERT-double layer cake

Week of Jan. 24
Monday- Fried chicken, biscuits
Wednesday- Turkey, Sweet potatoes and green salad
Thursday- Brats, and real potato salad
Friday-Crabbie cakes
Saturday- 16 Bean soup
Sunday- Slow cooker- beef BBQ, corn bread casserole

Week of Jan. 31
Monday-Jambalaya- Hank Jr. style

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