Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Surprises pour moi

On my way out the door, some little elf had place a card with a bear on my favorite egg project to remind me of my special day.  I thought that was all, when viola, upon my return, hubbie made a double layer chocolate muffin of love (No penalty for chocolate, food of the goddesses).

Double layer muffin of love

Friday, I have a therapeutic massage scheduled at Body Mechanix in Clayton with Julie.  Unfortunately, I will have to miss Poet's meeting with all my besties, a violation of my New Year's Resolution.

Cubbie thought I would love this song.

"Asturias" by Isaac Albeniz


Beth Dunn said...

Looks like a wonderful birthday! Enjoy the massage. xoxo

Bumby Scott said...

Cubbie, has chosen well. Happy "Special " Day.
Always, Bumby

Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor said...

Thank you Beth and Bumby, it is so good to have friends like you who encourage my writing.

Patti Trostle Fine Art said...

Looks like they did a wonderful job of making your birthday very special! Love the pics!

Chippy's Ice Cream Parlor said...

Anything with them is beary special. I did not expect gifts, as I know we are going to Biltmore.