Sunday, January 23, 2011

Grandfather Amos John Shepard's "Profile of a Senior Citizen," circa 1988

The is a letter my Grand-father Amos John Shepard "typed" to me in 1988. He bought a typewriter and was teaching himself how to use it. I believe he copied this article out of a local newspaper and sent it off to his little Grand-daughter, as an attempt to educate her on his perspective of life.
Grandfather Amos John Shepard "Profile of a Senior Citizen," 1988

My Grand-father died in Hurricane Katrina.
The little boy is my Grandfather Amos John Shepard, Jr., the very tall man holding his shoulders is his my Great Grandfather Amos John Shepard, Sr., the mother is my Great Grandmother Mattie Mitchell Shepard, the little girl is my Great AuntWanda Lee Shepard, circa 1937


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